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Business Plan Pro 11.0 includes more than 500 sample plans and is the easiest, fastest and most efficient way to create a winning business plan.

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    For the entrepreneur who is starting a new company, launching new products, or seeking funding or partners, Business Plan Pro 2007 is software that produces professional business plans quickly and easily. More entrepreneurs have chosen Business Plan Pro than any other software. Unlike other business planning software, Business Plan Pro 2007 empowers you to efficiently accomplish your goals with an impressive plan proven to get results.
    • Help at Every Step with instructions and examples to build your plan quickly and easily.
    • 500+ Sample Plans give you a jump start.
    • Most Preferred Format to give banks, lenders, and VCs what they are looking for.
    • Most Complete. Everything you need to define your business, run what-if scenarios, compare industry ratios, set schedules, create personnel and marketing plans, and find funding.

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    Click here for Sample Business Plans!

    To view a list of sample business plans click here.

    Here's what others have said about this software.
    "I made my first presentation to Fleet Bank with my Business Plan Pro business plan on Friday. The bank official said it was one of the most professional presentations he has ever seen. He said that he has loan requests for $5 million that aren't as detailed and well presented. Thanks again." - Howard Lefkowitz The Athlete's Foot

    "I just thought that you would like to know that our plan was successful and enabled us to raise $200,000 in financing - most with a major Canadian bank (not an easy sell, considering that I am an artist). Great software." - Janice Stanton Janice Stanton Studios, Inc.

    "Business Plan Pro helped me raise the equity for a $20 million start-up venture. If you're writing a business plan, stop wasting your valuable time reinventing the wheel and try Business Plan Pro." - Mike Lovelace

    "I write business plans for a living. Your software is light-years more advanced than any other product out there and the service is super! Keep up the good work -- you are setting a high benchmark!" - Joe Redican

    "No business plan software can match Business Plan Pro for its navigational ease, customizability and superb integration." - PC Magazine

    "We tell our students and entrepreneurs both not to reinvent the wheel, use Business Plan Pro so they can concentrate on the content of their plan and not worry about the mechanics." - Jeffrey Bernel Program Director Gigot Center University of Notre Dame

    "Business Plan Pro makes banker's lives easier and represents a fundamental platform which allows borrowers and bankers to derive better financial solutions. I wish every borrower took time to understand Business Plan Pro and how it helps them impress lenders." - Michael Menzies President Eaton Community Bank

    "I cannot think of any other software product on the market that is as useful and beneficial to new business owners as Business Plan Pro." - Carolyn Cole Vice President Pacific Continental Bank

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